Structured Cabling Services

When you hire Communication Cabling Specialists to handle your low-voltage cabling needs, you’re not only hiring a firm with many years of experience -- you’re bringing a partner into your business that knows how important it is that you remain up and running at all times.

Each project completed by Communication Cabling Specialists involves:

  • A thorough walk-through and survey to fully understand the size and scope of the project
  • A professional and experienced communication cabling installation team that arrives on time and cleans up thoroughly at the end of the work day
  • An understanding team that respects your time crunch and busy schedule
  • Follow up to ensure that all systems are running smoothly after our installation or maintenance work
  • Taking existing structures into account without damaging walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Tucking wires out of sight when installation is finished or organizing them neatly if exposed
  • Emergency response and maintenance if systems go down
  • Thorough labeling and mapping of all cabling systems so you know exactly what they have and where those things are

Communication Cabling

A large infrastructure requires a reliable cabling system. It’s not only about plugging in the right cables -- it’s about making sure those cables are laid out precisely and structured correctly. This organization is what keeps our systems running dependably for years. Cabling systems built on this strong foundation are key to the success of your business, minimizing downtime and maintenance and maximizing your business’s output...

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Fiber Optics

Proper and thorough fiber optic cabling installation ensures that data systems are consistently up and running. Any length of downtime can have a significant, negative impact on your business’s operations -- so why trust its installation to just anybody?...

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Paging System Installation

Paging systems are vital for large organizations that need to reach key employees or quickly spread an important message. Trust the installation of this instrumental piece of your internal communications system to the experts with a long and positive track record...

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CCTV and A/V Cabling

Coaxial cables keep your business, office, or residential complex connected to very important lines in the modern household: TV and internet. Coaxial cable installation goes beyond drilling a hole and threading a properly-prepped cable through a wall...

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